Alexander Hagenah

Senior Security Specialist

Law Enforcement & Intelligence Consultant

Personal Profile

My name is Alexander Hagenah. I was born & raised near Hamburg, Germany and in 2007 moved to Dubai, UAE. I was quite young when I discovered my fascination for technology and I'm happy to say that I've been able to turn my technical affinity into a profession.

Today, I am a Senior IT Security Specialist & CTIO, who excels in profound applications and advisories tasks and complex solution finding. Having almost 15 years of work experience integrating groundbreaking technical expertise and providing numerous recognized contributions to the IT security community.

My profound analytical skills and communicative competence helped me to drive my professional career as a consultant at a very young age. Since then I accomplished many interesting and challenging projects in the area of IT Security and in direct contact with the customer.

For over 10 years I now have been operating worldwide for Law Enforcement & Intelligence agencies around the world.

Apart from my passion for computers/technology, I am a true sports aficionado, admittedly more passive than active these days - be it boxing, UFC or naturally football, which is my favourite sports.

Skills & Expertise

Regular speaker on Law Enforcement and IT Security Conferences such as:

  • Law Enforcement Conferences, Worldwide

    2010 - today

    • Applied Hacking for Governmental Operations
    • Covert IT Operations - Real Scenarios
    • Cyber Solutions for The Fight Against Crime
    • Hacking The Human Element
    • Keeping up with the Pace New Hacking Tools & Techniques for Practical Operations
    • Maximum Impact - The Evolution of IT Investigation
    • Next generation Governmental Surveillance
    • Real-Life practical IT Intelligence Operations
    • Remote Exploitation of Smartphone and PCs - Reality vs Marketing
    • Strategic and Tactical Wi-Fi Surveillance
    • WiFi Intelligence Gathering - A Key Piece of the Strategic Intelligence Puzzle
    • Illuminating the Dark - Technologies for Unmasking Darknet Criminals
  • The 5th ICT Security Forum - Damascus, Syria


  • Systems - Munich, Germany



  • Co-Authoring IT security related books
  • "Live hacking" on German TV channels like ARD & Sat.1

Key Skills:

  • Cyber Investigations
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Lawful Interception
  • Information Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment


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